Sunday, January 4, 2009

"It Was Dinosaurs Vs. Mammoths!" (Meetup Glory)

Report of January '09 Meetup, 1pm at Crossroads Cafe:
10 people were there: Ily, Cdrdash, Sensual_Fox, NeitherSparky, Jim, Emily, Carolyn, Zerick, AVENguy, and Coleslaw.
Yeah, you heard that right: 10 people. The largest meetup in California history! Congratulations, everyone! I consider this a very special day. A relatively long time ago, I made my goal as the SF meetup leader to get 10 people at a meetup. For over two years, our record was six people, and most meetups had no more than two or three of us. So I wasn't sure when, if ever, this goal would be achieved. But, at the risk of getting all St. Crispin's Day on you, this is that day. I hope everyone realizes we've achieved a great thing, and just by showing up, at that.
Also, props to the Lononders for setting the example.
Now, on to the actual meetup: We pushed Apples to Apples to its limits and discovered that Thomas conducting an armed robbery is indeed asexy. We talked about the 2009 Pride Parade and there was interest in helping folks from far and wide get here to march with us. We also named our mascot "Zeep", which seems very fitting for a giant algae.
No sitting on your laurels, now...hope to see everyone in March!
Photos are on this thread (page 3).


Katie said...

Congrats on the fabulous turnout!

Ily said...

Thanks! It was exciting!

Mary Maxfield said...

Yeay! I'm so happy people made it out, and that your effort finally came to fruition. I only wish I could have been there. (Did you HAVE to mention there was Apples to Apples involved? You're seriously making the distance painful now! Stop it! ;))

p.s. Attending an AVEN meetup is on my 101 list. Whoo!

Ily said...

Fruition does rock! You're in St. Louis most of the time, right? I think there have been meetups there in the past, although of course, it'd be great to see you at one of ours when you're around!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, STL is my home-base 9 months a year. I think I'm more likely to attend an SF meetup, where I will at least semi-know someone, but if I don't end up in SF for the summer again, I will have to rethink this, and it's good to know I might have an STL option.

Ily said...

Well, our BIG meetup will be in June at the pride parade! I'll keep everyone posted on that.