Saturday, November 6, 2010

A few random observations brought to you by the movie "Singles"

  • It's amazing how dated some visuals can get. And somewhat embarrassing to watch. Check out the short/sock/footwear situation on Matt Dillon here, for one:
  • Related to that, what is more '90s (1992, to be exact) than people talking directly to the camera about their dating issues?
  • I think that when you've been in The Wire, you will always be identified by your character from that show. (Prez! And attempting to watch Boardwalk Empire: Omar!)
  • Grunge--> Oh yeah, I was supposed to get involved in an electrifying new musical movement...forgot about that. Or, maybe I didn't.
  • "This is gonna be my night!" Extreme use of the "magic night" trope.
  • Oh God, I'm planning a scene for my NaNoWriMo novel that uses the "magic night" trope. I finally think I understand why people keep using such cliche meet cutes. It's really hard to get two specific strangers to meet each other in fiction.
  • People in movies don't really have abortions (at least, legal ones), so their pregnancies end in strange ways, like in car crashes.
  • I realized that traditional romantic comedies, at least decent ones, all contain strong friendships, families, and/or communities. People have interesting jobs, live in nice places, and know who their neighbors are. The wish-fulfillment isn't just the romance, but the whole world of the story.
Now, back to my regularly scheduled noveling...


Eli said...

You posted! Yay for vitamin A(ce)! I really think you're on to something with the last point about community. Everybody says that's why they like Sex and The City, and it shows up in others. Your abortion observation led to a wheezing guffaw. I didn't know I could make that sound.

Ily said...

Thanks, Eli! Exotic new guffaws are what I am for :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ily,
Just found something last night while I was bored surfing the net and I thought of you straight away LOL.

I thought this might be something that would interest you if you hadn't heard of it already...

The are these people that don't call themselves single but "Quirky alone", its kind of another way of saying "Single but not looking" or "single but not desperate".

I thought the whole concept was interesting, because they agree that the world is too focus on people being in relationships and are against the whole notion that you have to bring dates to events and parties, why can't you just bring a friend?

anyways if you want to know more you can go to there website here:

or watch a youtube video about them here:

Ily said...

Funny you should mention it, because Quirkyalones were actually the topic of my first post ever...if you want to check it out, it's here:

Ah, the memories :-) Thanks for thinking of me!