Sunday, September 21, 2008

They'll Give You Full-Body Energy

Last night, I got together for a totally last-minute gathering with 3 other A-team related folks. This time, we'd gotten together for the main purpose of showing a visiting South African AVENite what the locals did for fun (watch 'O Brother Where Art Thou' outdoors in Dolores Park). As I seem to hardly ever leave the city limits of San Francisco, it's nice to see all these people from other places and hear about where they've been. The meetup advice I might most enjoy taking is writing exciting recaps of the things we do. Hopefully, they'll entice at least a few people. I tend to have a hyperbolic writing style (infamous cover letter: "My proofreading skills are almost otherworldly"), so hopefully these will come naturally for me. This is what I sent to the local listserv, although I forgot to mention that the wandering vendor of "special" brownies was pretty amusing:

4 of us ended up meeting at Dolores Park. I think it's safe to say that a fun time was had by all. We enjoyed the movie, lack of strong wind, and meeting our visitor from South Africa. We learned some things about his culture, such as how to say "cotton candy" in Afrikaans, and the fact that in that country, traffic lights are called "robots". After the movie, some of us adjourned to Frijtz, where the phrase, "This night is going to be lege, lads!" was introduced to American shores. They may, indeed, never be the same.
If I didn't see you tonight, hope to see you soon!



Superquail said...

Your write-up is pretty good, but I think it lacks hyperbole. You should use words like "fantastic!" "awesome!" "incredible!" "out of control!" etc.

Ily said...

I'll definitely be using "out of control!" for the next one. :-)

Fellmama said...

Those wacky asexuals. They are off the hook.

Ily said...

Ha, that reminds me of this Rolling Stone review of Missy Elliot that I read once: "She's so off the heezy that she lands on a completely different heezy." Music reviews are definitely the realm of strangely hyperbolic statements.

Superquail said...

Music reviews are totally fun to read for that very reason! How do you describe music in words? So, people come up with weird stuff.

Also, I love reading movie reviews in the New Yorker! It's like they've elevated the review to a new art form. My uncle sent me a batch of New Yorkers this summer and I've been slowly working my way through them.