Sunday, November 30, 2008

Los Angeles is What's Happening (Sort of)

So, I'm leaving for LA tomorrow-- I'd be excited if I got to leave the airport hotel at any time during this sojourn, however, there is no evidence of this. So, I leave reluctantly. I'll be back and posting on Friday. Also, more exciting news in the life of Ily: My full-time job starts next Monday. So, I'll finally be posting every 3 days. I've thought for awhile that posting every other day was too much asexiness for people to handle, but hell, I had nothing else to do with my time. I leave you with Jude Law as Watson, with highly amusing commentary at Go Fug Yourself.

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The Impossible K said...

Aww, LA- my home base! I'll be flying down there in a couple weeks, but of course, you'll be gone by then :(
Congratulations on the job tho! (Details, please!) I'm still searching for one... ugh, and yes it sucks...