Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emotional Dump

Well, I can say one thing about planning Pride-- for the very first time, meetups seem super-easy!

Now, not to make you afraid to plan your own pride contingents. I really hope other people will take the reins in their own cities and march in their local pride events. SF is the biggest and, therefore, the most annoying. I have a feeling other marches might be, well...cake in comparison to this behemoth. And if you do march in your town, I will be there, as long as it's somewhere in the US. I'm constantly in need of a vacation.

Anyway, I'm really biting my nails over the fact that we won't know our order in the parade until next week. People have to be poised and ready to recieve the information when it does come. I know from meetups that some percentage of people who say they'll be there won't actually be there. They'll forget, get lost, have to take their dog to the vet, or for whatever reason won't show. Since we only have 25 confirmed people (ONLY 25? Our biggest meetup ever was 11 people!), I want to make sure they're all there...or people will think there aren't that many asexual people!

The horror! I'm not sure why I'm so worried about people thinking this, because there really AREN'T that many asexual people. We're probably more than 1% of the population, but still, we're not exactly a seething, roaring tide. If people see 25 asexuals and allies at this parade, no, it's not exactly the galloping hordes, but at least they'll know we exist and that we're not, for example, plants. Small steps.

I definitely need to stuff my perfectionism in a box when I plan activities (preferably a box with a python in it). However, that's hard to do. Since it's our first time, there will invariably be mix-ups and confusions. I want to make sure that everyone has an awesome, memorable time. And I really do think that no matter what happens (sunburns, blisters, magic brownie casualties), it WILL be awesome, because we'll be together. Corny but true-- there are few things I like to see more than asexuals n' allies congregating in the real world.

Is the python done yet? At any rate, ahhh...I feel better. Start thinking of your poster/shirt slogans! Next Sunday, we rock the house.


That American Kid said...

I wish you lots of luck! I'm so jealous of everyone who can go, and I really wish I could be there!

Ily said...

Thank you for the luck! You can be there in spirit. :-)

Queers United said...

I wouldn't fret, even if you have 5 it is a big deal. You will have your banners and make yourselves known. Size doesn't matter, of course it would be nice to have 25-50 people but the point is you guys are marching!

Ily said...

Haha, thanks. :-) I'm the most easily stressed person in the world, so all the reassurance is nice of y'all.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the other coast, wish I could be there, but good luckies.

It would be cool of you could get pictures of the banners/group.

edgeofeverywhere said...

I'm so psyched for you guys! You're an inspiration. We still haven't managed to have a meetup out here, although emails go back and forth about it every once in a while.

Ily said...

Thank you, that's the nicest thing! I do have a not-so-secret urge to inspire people :-D

Sparky said...

I bought a purple t-shirt and I plan to put this on it:


I'll make the frosting light purple and make the cake layers chocolate and yellow to make it look like the AVEN cake. I didn't have time to design an original design so it would look just like the AVEN cake but this is fine. :)

Ily said...