Sunday, July 5, 2009

The German Baby

On Friday, I got to go to a small meetup where we locals hung out with a globe-trotting AVENite on her way to Sydney. Apparently, they're having a meetup there today with 20 people. Whoa. We met at Peter's Cafe, a diner in Millbrae where I ordered an extremely terrifying pancake called "The German Baby". An enormous, dense concoction, I was repeatedly warned that it would take 35 minutes to cook. The waitress kept telling me that "The baby is on the way". And later, "How's the baby?" We had a jolly time talking about travel and our worst sunburns ever. Yay for unofficial meetups!

Someone also coined the term "Post-pride depression". Apparently that's what I'm suffering from at the moment. Oh, woe! I'll go drive down 280 to the dulcet tones of Orange Juice...maybe that will distract me from thinking of rare ailments I can potentially use to get out of my job assignment.


Moz said...

... puns generally make for greater tastiness. that tastiness on top of the already tasty tastiness of babies.

20 people; that's awesome!! it's enough to make me jealous!

nekobawt said...

that reminds me of yorkshire pudding, which is bread made with the dripping from a beef roast.