Saturday, April 3, 2010

"No Sexual Attraction" must have been too long

Well, it's high time for me to post something, so I might as well share a photo of the most epic socks ever. I shared them on AVEN, but in case you have yet to experience their glory:

They hail from Sock Dreams in Portland, and also come in orange if pink is not your thing. Obviously, they're pretty silly, but I think one reason I liked them so much is because when I'm out and about in my daily life, I rarely see anything that relates to asexuality (or my experience of it). When I do, it's usually something I have to interpret to death before it starts relating to me. Except, of course, for the moment when I found these socks, proudly exclaiming, for some unknown reason, "NO SEX"!


Anonymous said...

These socks are awesome!
Clearly, you must wear them to SF Pride :-)

Fellmama said...

I concur with the awesome statement.

Anonymous said...

effing adorable!

Ily said...

Hee, thanks! I love random and/or odd socks.