Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things Asexuals Like: Anglophilia

Now, I'm just going to go with an instinct here: I think asexuals are into Anglophilia. (Doctor Who, tweed, Alan Rickman, Sherlock Holmes?) I don't think you can be a -phile for your own country, so English readers might have to sit this one out...sorry. (I don't know if Anglophila specifically refers to England, or whether it applies to the UK in general; please forgive me for that.)

America has always been a country of escapists, and certain faraway places tend to capture our imaginations. England, Japan, India, and France seem to be eternal favorites among certain subsets of the population. Why would asexuals like England in particular? Maybe it's because we can somehow relate to more of their character creations, or because it seems to be the biggest hot spot of asexual activity in meatspace, a title it's seemed to hold for quite a few years now. Or maybe we just think that authentic Cadbury chocolates are better than sex. I don't think I'm truly an Anglophile myself, although I do have a soft spot for the place, gained from my study abroad experience and the myriad English/Scottish references of indiepop music. While I'd love to revisit England someday, I know that plenty of English people are as dissatisfied with their country as some Americans are with ours. But that's not really the point of --philia, is it?

Some Habits of the American Anglophile in its Natural Habitat:
  • Refers to apartments as "flats", lines as "queues" and cell phones as "mobiles". Further, says "cheers" a lot, perhaps using it as an e-mail sign off.
  • Spells words differently, as in "humour" or "behaviour"
  • Drives a MiniCooper with a Union Jack on the roof
  • Knows how various English accents vary regionally, perhaps even adopts one themselves
  • Drinks black tea incessantly, with "sugars".
  • Watched every episode of the original "Life on Mars", even though it was so slow-moving that you, the viewer, thought that you were the one in the coma...(okay, maybe that was just me)
[Image: John Simm isn't quite sure what to make of your Anglophilia.]

I wonder...can you tell something about people based on the countries they -phile over? I sense a personality quiz in the works. If I was forced to make such a quiz, I would say that the Anglophile is someone who may be uncomfortable in their own culture, however, they still crave familiarity. If they were into trends, they'd say something like, "Well, this week I'm really into Cambodia", but the Anglophile remains loyal throughout the years. The desire for change and stasis at the same time--This is the dilemma of the Anglophile.

(As far as the personality quiz, recently I got a package in the mail and was enchanted by how cute the box was. Something about its size and shape was just so...kawaii! I wanted to cuddle it. So I had to ask I secretly Japanese? Well, apparently the official line in Japan is concern over their low birth rate. They might need to take in lots of foreigners! Those of you with a discerning eye for design and a love of soba might want to consider that.)


Anonymous said...

cadburys - why aye!

Ily said...

I dunno, I liked Cadburys. They seem a lot better-tasting than our omnipresent chocolate, Hersheys, which always had a waxy texture to me.

Eli said...

I am MAJORLY anglophilic. I think for me it's because practically all the great literary figures of the last couple centuries are English. Austen? Dickens? C.S. Lewis. How do you NOT brain crush? Also: Terry Pratchett rox my sox all the way off, and I love Top Gear. On an unrelated note: Did you see that there's a "celibacy club" on Glee tonight? I foresee much glib worthlessness. And probably some sexuals glorying in nonslut-shaming. Sigh.

Ily said...

@Eli: Good to see at least one Anglophile come out of the woodwork!

Celibacy club on Glee?! Do not want :(

Southpaw said...

*Gasp!* I'm much more a Japanophile than an Anglophile, though it makes me sad 'cause I don't think most Japanese are as crazy about pasty white chicks like me as I am about them. XD

That being said: DOCTOR WHO <3

Ily said...

@Southpaw: Right on! I was an official Japanophile for a few years, until I went to Japan and was like, wow...I'd probably never fit in here. I wish I remembered more of the language, though. I took classes for 3 years and I only remember a few sentences :(

Lee said...

...and refers to sidewalks as "pavements".

Ily said...

@Lee: Indeed. It's quite a long list! Another off the top of my head: In the US we call them "bangs", in the UK they're a "fringe".

emitrinity said...

I used to be pretty much a Japanophile, always on the edge but never quite there so I backed off lest it seemed like I was fetishizing a culture that when I think about it, I'd be way more alienated in and I never was too anglophilic thogh I see what you mean.-and love lot of english things..but definitely not anglophilic

Anonymous said...

Doctor who series 6 starts on april 24th! lol