Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things Asexual People Like: Alan Rickman

On AVEN, I've been privy to a few threads about which celebrities people find most attractive. I'm always impressed by the diversity and quirkiness of people's choices. Ases don't seem to be into Brad Pitt types, but we seem to have a major thing going for Alan Rickman. I guess everyone likes Alan Rickman, but there are a few reasons why he might appeal so much to asexuals.
First of all, he has a reserved demeanor and seems like an easy-going, respectful guy. Rickman has complained about being perpetually cast as a villian, and it's easier to imagine him covertly murdering someone than passionately ripping their clothes off. We like this quality. Rickman seems to be indifferent as to whether he gets the girl or not, and this just makes him more alluring to people of all sexualities. (Not to mention, he seems to be aging extremly well.) He's a serious "Ac-TOR" (we always appreciate people who get by on their talents rather than sex appeal) and you probably have no overwhelming desire to see him naked (although I was able to find what could be the one existing picture of Rickman shirtless). Furthermore, his co-star Emma Thompson has commented on his lack of interest in women. Rickman himself has even made remarks about his lack of sexual "voracity". It seems like his first love is the stage, and as a former student of theater, I can understand that. And of course, we like him because we think he may be one of us. If it's true, then Alan, sing out! Your cake is waiting in the vestibule.


Anonymous said...

If this post is the start of a series, then this is an awesome idea. I do know that all members of a group don't necessarily enjoy everything that is part of that group's culture, but it's nice to have some points of reference - and they could be used for visibility work too, maybe? For instance, what about some Alan Rickman t-shirts? not necessarily with his face on them, but rather a catchy slogan with a reference to him (I'm sure someone could find something great).

Sorry to be getting carried away like this. I usually love your blog but this post just got me so excited that I had to respond. I totally agree with one of your previous posts on how we need an asexual subculture, but as I don't read the AVEN boards anymore, I really don't know what asexual people like. In any case, I agree on Alan Rickman: he's awesome. And maybe some people want to see him naked or have sex with him, but I'd be perfectly content to listen to him reading works of literature out loud (I saw on iTunes that he contributed to an audiobook collection of love sonnets, but unfortunately that seems to be the only one - that's too bad, because I'd probably get any audiobook read by him).

Ily said...

Hey, thanks! Due to the popularity of "Things White People Like" and other similar blogs, there seems to be an audience for information about things that different groups I'm glad to hear that you want to see "Things Asexual People Like" too! I'll definitely try to do these sorts of posts every so often. (I think I already did a few, but I don't really remember what they were...I think one was about Scrabble :-) Even if it's not 100% accurate, I think anything that gives us a greater sense of collective identity is good.

Bri said...

I agree. I really like the idea of a series of posts based on what Aces are into. Obviously we're not all going to like the same things, but I'd be interested in what sorts of trends we follow.

Anne said...

..."and it's easier to imagine him covertly murdering someone than passionately ripping their clothes off. We like this quality."

...Uhhhh... We like that quality in a person? :P

Anonymous said...

Alan Rickman did a fine turn as Obadiah Slope, the ambitious oily Evangelical clergyman, in a BBC adaptation of Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. Perfect casting of a very young character actor.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, where to begin haha. First of all, speaking as an obsessive Alan Rickman maniac, I understand what you are saying about people like him for the reasons they do. But he DOES hav quite a bit of sex appeal to him. I mean, come on, I may be a teenager, but have you guys seen him in the "In Demand" music video by Texas? Wow!

Bust yes, he is an amazing actor. I've seen him act on stage and it was a terrific experience. Also, though he IS often typecast as a typical villian-character, like Reverend Obadiah Slope in The Barchester Chronicles, Rasputin in the HBO miniseries Rasputin, Professor Snape in Harry Potter, Hans Gruber in Die Hard, and the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, he can also play others, like the misunderstood actor in An Awfully Big Adventure, the wine critic in Bottleshock, the ghost boyfriend in Truly Madly Deeply, and the overprotective father in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

He is greatly respected in the acting world, and is about to receive the Queen's Royal New Year Honor Award. He wrote a play "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" recently.

Of course, to top it all off, you can't deny that he's got an incredibly sexy voice. A recent university study showed that the perfect male voice was a combination of his and Jeremy Iron's voices, based on intonation, speed, and trustworthiness.

I still just love your blog and this entry was great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey just a quick response to Rainbow Amoeba, Alan Rickman HAS read an audiobook. Its "The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy. He recorded it in 1985, and the quality and of course his voice is quite good! I think its on iTunes, and if its not, check your library or bookstore. I just love it, and sometimes fall asleep listening to it! Also, the CD that you are talking about "When Love Speaks", those sonnets are just amazing. THe one that Alan Rickman reads, Sonnet 130 "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun", that one was actually my favorite before I knew he read it!

Ily said...

Thanks! Glad to contribute to the Rickmania-- you're definitely an expert!