Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Greatest Meetups!

So, we had a meetup yesterday. This was the free beer n' frisbee in Golden Gate Park. 5 people came! Including 2 new folks! The new folks told us they were glad they came, and that was a relief to me, as I always wonder how much people are getting out of the meetups. Maybe it comes from being a Girl Scout-- we always had to "evaluate" the outcome of every single project we did. Or all those self-evaluations we did in school ("What would Muhammad Ali say?" was always my guideline there). Anyway, I really need to stop worrying about the state of the meetups so much. It seems like their planning takes a lot more time than it really does, because of all my rumination about how I could improve them.
I've never been good at delayed gratification or activities with unclear outcomes (which is why looking for a job is especially godawful to my mind).

Yours to look forward to: Unspeakably cute British boys and the mixtape that electrified undersexed kids everywhere!


Madeline said...

i wanna know about unspeakably cute british boys! :-P

Superquail said...

Planning things can be really stressful. Some people are into that sort of thing, and they become wedding planners. As for me, I am always ready to let someone else do the heavy lifting in the planning department. Though, I must say, I think I did plan the best senior X days to graduation party by having it at the Colville Street Patissarie with lots of yummy snacks!

Ily said...

Someone said to me once in high school, "Conspiracy theories? Hah! It's hard enough to plan a picnic!" It seemed so true, I remembered it all these years.

Superquail said...

That is a great quote! I like picnics, but no matter how much planning you do, there is always the possibility that the weather will decide to ruin everything.

I think that is the basic problem with trying to plan anything: there will always be variables that are far beyond your control that could very easily ruin everything. Sigh.