Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Friendless Summer"

(One of those admin notices: I'm going to be farming for about a week. Do farms have internet? I don't know, I've never been to a real one before. So comment moderation may be slow or nonexistent...just sayin'.)

Oh Lucksmiths, you were just so witty and lovely, and to top it all off, your singer actually enunciated. Too bad you broke up, but at least you have a large back catalogue to peruse. They tended to be great lyricists, and their music is perfect for, well, summer. Like this song. I found it here, while looking at some of the Matinee Recordings releases. The song is about something that has probably happened to all of us, regardless of orientation-- a friend that falls in love and suddenly becomes too busy to spend time with us anymore. However, as someone that doesn't do the whole "falling in love thing", I've always felt a little left-out that I'd never be on the other side. (Not like I would purposely ditch my friends, but it would be nice to know what the fuss was all about.) Now, it does sound like the narrator is actually in love with the person he's singing about...but it always hurts to lose a good friend, whether they're your secret crush or strictly platonic.

"Friendless Summer"
by the Lucksmiths

transcribed by me

Today of all days you decided

that you'd drop in uninvited
You were ever-so excited,
you were never so in love.

This time it's requited,

if i looked less than delighted
I was trying hard to hide it

but not trying hard enough.
Do do do do do do do do do.
That's fantastic, that's sarcastic

but forgive me the theatrics
I've been catching up on classics

and the springtime's been and gone.
And I didn't see the dangers

in hoping nothing ever changes
'til we said good bye like strangers
for the first time in so long. So long...
There's only me to blame,
but I'm lonely all the same.

Forgot to mention about the Lucksmiths: Australian accents! I mean, if that's a selling point for anyone.


heidi said...

Wow, that song says so much, so well!

Random tangent: Anthill by E.O. Wilson was the most recent book discussion in town and someone -other than myself- called the main character asexual. While there *is* a physically sexual relationship in the book, it's clearly out of character for the fellow... anyway, worth a read =)

Emeraldgirl said...

Australian accents are always a selling point.

Kevin_mills5694 said...

I know this is unrelated to your topic, but I just wanted to throw a new acronym that's seeing some use now:


Queer / Questioning
Transexual / Transgendered

I think it's much more inclusive, so, it's nice, and the "bag" part works in that it seems to symbolize that "we're all in this together".

What do you think?

Ily said...

@Heidi: Yay, I'm glad you liked it! I'm looking at "Anthill" on Amazon and it would be interesting to see how the writer handled the perspective of ants...did it work well?

@Emeraldgirl: I know, right? Accents = <3

@KevinMills: Thanks for posting about that. You know, I've heard "quiltbag", but it sounded kind of strange, like a queer bagpiping group (which would actually be pretty damn kickass, come to think of it...). But now that you explain the significance of the "bag" part, I like it more. And looking at it again, I also like how "queer", the most inclusive term, is in front.