Monday, May 16, 2011

2 links about shaving

I know, this is some Tumblr-type action, but here are some links related to my last post about body hair:
  1. Who Decided Women Should Shave Their Legs and Underarms? Some of the history behind womens' hair removal. It's interesting!
  2. A Rant on Shaving and the Power of Advertising covers personal and environmental perspectives, as well as how Gilette got us to buy more razors, and why those damn cartridges are so expensive.


Anonymous said...

I can remember when I started to shave my legs due to pressure from others of my age and my dad going mad as 'There is nothing wrong with you as you naturally are'. Both parents were great at supporting a healthy body image. I do shave now but only every couple of weeks to style my beard (yes im a bearded lady)if others don't like it - tough! For me it's one of the may joys of being asexual.

Emily said...

Fascinating! I often find myself wondering why on earth we women are subjected to the expectation that we shave -- usually when I'm frustrated with the price of razor blades or with how fast my hair grows back. Thanks for the links!

Ily said...

@Anon: Come to think of it, I have some facial hair (like more than peach fuzz, but less than a beard) and usually I don't do much about it. Yet I can only remember getting one comment about it ever. So yeah...maybe people don't notice hair as much as I think they do.

@Emily: Hey, another Emily! I'm glad you liked the links.