Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carnival Of Aces: It's baaack (almost)!

So, my blog will be hosting the second installment of Carnival of Aces. But with great power (uh...sort of) comes great responsibility. Of course, I have procrastinated terribly when it comes to picking out a theme for this month's carnival (submissions will be due on June 1st, and a post with all the details is to follow). Before deciding the theme, I wanted to see if any of you fine readers had theme ideas that you wanted to share, especially people without their own blogs (because you would not have the opportunity to host the carnival yourself). Beware: I may pick your theme, and I may pick no one's. If you want to comment on this, please do so in the next day or two, because I will be putting up an introduction post ASAP after that time. Here were some of my own ideas, which you are also welcome to argue for or against:
  1. Childhood experiences. Of course, this will not be based on the idea that our childhood experiences made us asexual. But for instance, kids start to "like" each other some time in elementary school. How did we navigate all this, before we had detailed knowledge of sexuality?
  2. Secrets. A while ago, Hot Pieces of Ace did a "secrets" prompt, and I thought those were very interesting and especially touching videos. Of course, you could be anonymous and I have a few strategies for making that happen.
  3. Dealing with pressure (ie, "peer pressure", which is still an issue in adulthood although people don't tend to use that term anymore). Reading parts of Flux brought home the fact that sexual pressure is a big deal for everyone-- not just asexuals. The books quotes a National Opinion Research Center poll which found that 25% of American women did not want to have sex the first time that they did.
  4. Asexuality and the intersection of race, ethnicity, or culture.
Anyway, I promise that the theme will be announced very soon, so you won't have to remain in painful suspense much longer.


Anonymous said...

Intersectionality could be interesting. I for one could be better educated on it.

As far as new ideas: maybe the flip side of the childhood one. How being/realizing our asexuality impacts future plans. Things like marriage/children/buying a home. Is it silly to buy a whole house if you live alone? Do you like having roommates and want to keep that going the rest of your life? Do you want to adopt, give birth? Do you worry about who will take care of you when you're older? So on and so forth.


miller said...

I think broad themes are best. Actually, in my previous experience with blogging carnivals, there were no monthly themes at all.

Intersectionality is a good one (and one of the themes I was considering for when I host).

Ily said...

Thanks for the feedback! You've both given me some good things to consider.