Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heart Yorslf?

A few reminders:

1. Isn't it fun to come across a vanity plate that reminds you of something you've been blogging about?

[Image: Car license plate that reads "<3 YORSLF"]

Happens all the time, amirite? Spotted in the...Whole Foods parking lot. (Seriously, click on that link.)

2. If you haven't already done so, check out Sciatrix's compilation of links on the House TV episode debacle. I'm glad she put them all together in one place.

3. Carnival of Aces is still happening! Deadline for posts is coming up in a few days--this month's theme is re/presentation.


Anonymous said...

I am not asexual, but I love your blog and relate to a lot of things you say. Hobbit Acceptance? Bring it!! Tea? Alan Rickman?? Yeah-yus! And I most definetely heart myself--and you guys. Thanks for the awesome blogging!!!! :-D

(PS: Does it count if I love Alan Rickman because I think he's hot?)

Ily said...

Aww, thank you Anon! I heart you, too. It seems like the asexual community has moved on to swooning about David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch, although to be honest, I don't find either of them attractive in the least (aesthetically speaking). I get Alan Rickman more, even though he's way too old for me. ;)

TheJester said...

Can I add on to the Alan Rickman love, even better when he does Snape in the Harry Potter Films..:)

Anyways just checked in with you girl, been reading your latest posts but nothing I have to comment on them instead I want to give you some links I found that I thought you might like.....

This one I found today...sorta adds onto your hobbit Acceptance Beauty thing you have going on...this women has decided to go a year without mirrors leading up to her wedding- VERY interesting idea..haven't read alot of her blog as I just found it but so far its awesome! so check it out if you haven't already:

These are some older blogs I found but haven't yet linked you too...

Found this picture on tumblr thought youd like it:

And some articles on this website too:

seems a cool website so have a browse around.

Also found this article about going alone to restraints and movies;

and why someones happy they didn't go to their prom:

another AWESOME website, lots of good articles. so check that out too!

Anyways Happy New Year! All the best!