Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So, whatever happened with the Hobbit Acceptance Project?

The Hobbit Acceptance Project continues apace. I guess these sorts of things never truly end. Since the start of the project in June, I've only shaved my legs and armpits a couple of times. Mostly to wear a bathing suit and to wear a dress at a fancy restaurant, things I was still not comfortable doing while hairy. I decided to take a tip from Beth Terry and obtain an old-school safety razor for the times that I did want to shave. One reason I don't like shaving is because I don't want to support companies that bombard me with "smooth legs = beauty!" advertising. So, shaving with an antique is one solution to that, although it's not as user-friendly as the plastic multi-blade models. While I'd heard horror stories of people cutting themselves with safety razors, I haven't had that problem. If anything, I cut myself less.

Anyway, I'm a lot more comfortable "going out with stubble" on my legs now, as I mentioned in my first post on body hair. I barely notice the stubble now. When I do shave my legs or armpits, they look strange to me. My loyal following of Hairy Pits Club has shown me that like all hobbits, I'm hairier than 99% of the female population (although I think some of this has to do with self-selection...not everyone chooses to post their pits online). No, I don't have a hormone imbalance or anything...this is just how I roll. I've decided that I can't abide my armpits in a total state of nature, and that's okay. If you check out Hairy Pits Club, you'll see people actually having fun with their armpits. Dying them rainbow colors, even. This inspired me. I learned that there were actually a range of armpit hair modification options. You could shave them, trim them, dye them, buzz them, braid them (I'm not that hairy), etc.

On a related note, I liked this post a lot. I don't agree with it, but it made me think more deeply about my own stance. I do agree with the commenters who say it's impossible to eschew femininity entirely, even if one tries. If I spent my life in a gray sweatsuit, people would view my body, hear my voice, and ascribe femininity to me. So I agree with those who are saying: Keep what you genuinely like about femininity (not only what you get socially rewarded for) and toss out what you don't like. I like glittery eyeshadow, the color pink, and wearing jewelery. I don't like dieting, talking about dieting, wearing high heels, "control" garments, etc. I don't like to leave my body hair entirely to its own devices, but I don't like shaving, either. I think I'll just let the two battle it out. It's not as exciting as Middle Earth, but it's something.


Jessica said...

Holy moly, you linked to I Blame the Patriarchy.

It's like you've crossed the streams!

I have not shaved my legs in foreeeeeeever. I love it! But when summer rolls around, I will not be able to resist shaving.

Ily said...

@Jessica: I thought crossing the streams had something to do with peeing?

Jessica said...

@Ily: Ha ha, no, it's totally a Ghostbusters reference.

...Unless you are kidding? I do not get the Internet humor.

Ily said...

@Jessica: Oooh, I see! Yeah, I didn't get the reference at all, I thought "crossing the stream" referred to some kind of urination mishap. It sounded like you either found IBTP links epically awesome, or something from the dark side. I couldn't tell which. ;)

Anyway, I don't want to discourage anyone from making pop culture references!

Asexy librarian said...

I think it is awesome when women don't shave. I never understood why men want women's bodies to look like pre-pubescent girls. Kinda creepy.

I wish I could cast off the fetters of shaving but I can't handle body hair on myself. Not for what society thinks (I'm a guy so it would be more accepted) but just that I can't handle body hair on myself; when I don't shave I sit for hours plucking it. Must be some OCD thing. I used to shave my whole body but I've gotten a little better, restricting it mainly to my arms, chest and face.

Great post, I like your thoughts on all this.

Spot said...

I have a tendency to not shave unless I really must, but I won't show it off in public, and I'm single anyway. *Plus it's winter* But speaking of Hobbits, I'm glad I don't have those feet.

Eli said...

I like the idea of "take what you like about femininity, leave the rest." I wish more people understood that's POSSIBLE.

Q said...

Oh lord, all those adorable hairy pits. <3333 I wish I could keep my pits in a cute fuzzy state! Dyeing them rainbow colours sounds like amazing fun.

I went no-shave for a year, but I ended up shaving them again. :( Let's just say, um, hyperhidrosis. I kept my treasure trail, though. Love my belly fluff.