Friday, November 16, 2007

Asexy Thing of November: Jens Lekman

Dear Sweden,
You know that celebrity who's so awesome or super-cute that if they suddenly showed up on your doorstep, you would say, "oh, screw my sexual orientation, let's go out!" For me, that celebrity is Jens Lekman. Well, he's famous in Sweden, where his music tops the pop charts. (And we get stuck with High School Musical-- how fair is that?) Anyway, I would have lukewarm English beer and vegan pancakes anytime with you, Jens.

It's extremely rare that I look at a photo of a guy and go, "he's cute", but Jens does it for me. Must be his dulcet-toned mispronunciations of "th" or propensity to rhyme too many things with "cigarette lighter". Or maybe those Arctic winters just preserve people well. Jens, this is getting a little awkward for us, so I'm going to have to stop here. But ooh la la-- ever been an asex symbol?
Pop love,
PS: A-Team meetup on Sunday! I'm psyched.


feline_thespian said...

Awww...that's how I feel about my SO. He's just...He's SOOO adorable! It's the way he makes me feel like I'm the most important thing in the world, and the way he doesn't make fun of my sexual orientation. :D

I listen that "Bubbly" song all the time, because it reminds me of what he makes me feel like. :-P

A-Team? As in the old 80's TV show that my brother forces me to watch?

Ily said...

Hee, that's sweet. Glad you found a good one, f_t!