Saturday, November 3, 2007


I recently became acquainted with a social networking site called, which stands for "Gay, Lesbian, and Everyone Else". It's not literally everyone else, but it gets a whole lot closer than Myspace or Facebook. I was so glad to see "asexual" as a choice under "Orientation" that I actually joined another stupid social networking site. If you're on Glee as well, you can be my friend. (Well, you can be my friend if you're not on Glee, but that's not the point.) My name there is ilypants.
Oh, and join my asexual group. I'm the only person in it right now, which, while a fitting reflection of most of my real life, is a little sad in cyberspace.


AMaHga KyHHuH7xaM said...

He He... I was searching Asexual and blogspot. What a wonder it was to come across your blog!
I am now a member of your group... , but that is yesterdays news!

Ily said...

Well hey, glad you found me!