Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giants of Indiepop: "Pristine Christine"

Because it wouldn't be this blog without my valiant attempts to somehow relate random songs I like to asexuality. Will this one, released in 1987 by the Sea Urchins, ever get old? I doubt it. This probably speaks to the conservative nature of today's popular music, at least in the genres I'm familiar with. (For a long time, I felt this impotent regret over the fact that I was never present at the birth of a new musical movement...and if I think about it, it's still pretty sad. I wonder if it'll ever happen, especially to someone who might be in their 30's or 40's by the time it does.)

At any rate, those little surf-rock flourishes get me every time.

"But you don't react like me--oh!"

Could Christine just be a misunderstood asexual?


fafner said...

Hey! You don't know me, but my sister (Carolyn) showed me your blog a while ago, and I find it really interesting. I read this article and was wondering what you thought about the concept: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/2011/08/15/2011-08-15_cancer_survivor_launches_dating_website_for_people_who_cant_have_sex.html?r=lifestyle&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nydnrss%2Flifestyle+%28Lifestyle%29

Are there other dating sites that might lend themselves to asexuals already?

Ily said...

Heyy, Carolyn's sister! Cool! To answer your question...There are a couple of asexual-specific dating sites, one of them is called Acebook. Although the general complaint seems to be that there aren't enough members for most people to have any kind of choice in their geographic area. Like in a given area, there might be one person on Acebook interested in dating people of your gender. Personally, if I were interested in online dating, using a site like 2Date4Love (the one mentioned in the article) might feel awkward for me, like I wasn't on the same page as the other people there. I'm physically capable of having sex, but have no interest, which might be the opposite of people who've lost their physical ability due to illness. I was curious what the age range was on 2Date4Love, but you had to sign up in order to see anything.

I know some asexuals are on OkCupid, but it's frustrating to have to choose a sexual orientation that isn't yours, and then explain later how that actually isn't your orientation.

fafner said...

That makes sense. I could definitely see it would be easier to identify with other asexuals than with people who still have a sex drive and might be terribly frustrated by it. It seemed like kind of a throwaway line at the end of the article, like "hey! might work for the asexual crowd too!"

I was curious to see what the asexual community of New York is like (because there tend to be a lot of everybody here), but when I googled "acebook" they kept thinking I was misspelling facebook. They've gotten too powerful.

Ily said...

Acebook's here: http://www.ace-book.net/

(I know, not an intuitive URL at all)

There are some asexuals in NYC, I've met a couple of them. And they have meetups there sometimes, organized through the AVEN site.