Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Draw In the Reins

I finally got ahold of the Cats on Fire EP, Draw In the Reins. Cats on Fire are yet another indiepop band from Scandinavia (Finland this time). Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the CD packaging and found these lyrics to the title song:

I know exactly what it is
I know exactly why it burns
And I'm fairly sure
That they all should put their clothes back on
Yeah, put them right back on

'Cause now there's no way to decide
What's on my mind

[Chorus:] There's so much talk about it, it's everywhere
And these poor eyes of mine
They get no rest
And suddenly, all of my friends are at it
Who thought they had these skills?
I look at them and blush

Let's not go over this again
Why would you rub it when it already hurts?
And I'm fairly sure
It would be best if you restrained yourselves
Draw in the reins, my friends

I lose the ability to decide
What's on my mind


I turn around, but I think I hear
Yeah, at least to these ears
These doves are pecking away at each other

And I could roll away my eyes
But I'd still hear these awful sounds

Ever encountered something that was so obvious, you just didn't know what to say about it? But it's interesting; the speaker of the song is definitely way more against sex than I am. I can certainly speak to the experience of suddenly everyone you know being interested in dating/sex/hot people. It's as if on Monday, no one cared, and on Tuesday, sex was all-important. It shocked the heterosexuality right out of me!
(And do check out Cats on Fire's Myspace page, in the link above. "Draw In the Reins" is sadly not on there, but "Higher Grounds" is the absolute jam.)

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