Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yo! Aces Rap!

Since my TV broke, I've been listening with great care to old albums. One of these was the awesome "Isn't Anything" by My Bloody Valentine (1988). I realized the last song was called "I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)", which sounded like an experience many of us A-s can relate to. As usual, although I enjoyed the music, I could barely understand one word of the lyrics. And after searching online, this is apparently their entirety:

Don't know when
I will leave you again
Grab a reason
And I'm dragging you down
Come just to make you happy
Shot in the head I can see
I can see it
But I can't feel it

Wow...that's pretty sad. But, this is the first time that a song I've posted is actually on Youtube, so you can hear/see the song over here [WARNING: There is much slow-motion head-bobbing]. After happily securing a video, I searched for "Kevin Shields [MBV's leader] and asexual" on Google, and found this great quote from an album review at EconoCulture:

So I’m assuming that the song entitled "Kevin Is Gay," refers to Mr. Shields. (Although, quite frankly, I always envisioned Kevin Shields as being asexual, perhaps occasionally taking a break from recording to have "relations" with a vintage tape reel before setting it ablaze in a fit of shame and self-loathing.)

The writer also assured me that MBV lyrics are supposed to be indecipherable. Now that's a relief.

In other musical news, tomorrow I'll be participating in the recording of what might be the world's first explicitly asexual rap song. Ooh yeah baby! If there's a way for you to hear it, you'd best believe I'll let you know.


Yvonne said...

MBV is great! Though I'd argue that they have some extremely sexy songs, such as "Soft as Snow (But Warm inside)" (lyrics by Kevin Shields) and "Cupid Come" (lyrics by Bilinda Butcher).

But maybe that's wishful thinking on my part, because I used to find Kevin Shields kinda hot. Seeing more recent pix of him... not so much. I do wish he'd put out some more music though.

Anonymous said...

Heh, an asexual rap song, hm? Pretty awesome. I feel like such a slacker, I should totally be writing some asexual-ish songs w/ my band. ;)

Ily said...

Speaking as a music biz person, I have to say, people are hungry for some new subject matter-- go for it, Anne!
and Yvonne, I have to agree that I'm always disappointed when people don't age well...case in point, Marlon Brando. Sigh! Indeed, Kevin wasn't hard on the eyes as a young'un.

icarus said...

can you put up the lyrics of your rap? i'm excited!

Ily said...

I'm super-exicted, Icarus! I think the song is going to be with our radio show, which now seems like it'll be airing on March 17th. I'll definitely post a link where you can hear it right after it airs!