Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alt Sex Wins Again

Have I mentioned that I totally adore Andrea Nemerson? Her Alt Sex column is the only reason I pick up the SF Guardian instead of the (nearly identical) SF Weekly. She's very supportive of asexuality, and has done 2 columns specifically on the topic. This week, she writes to a man whose wife seems to be suffering from the symptoms of depression:

"And listen: just leave the no-sex part out of it for starters. 'I'm not getting laid and that means you're broken' is not a recommended opening move."

Tell me about it! And to all my family and friends who feel similarly: I adore you as well, and if you have the chance, spread the gospel! I'm trying to do so tomorrow at the SF Pride parade. I made this shirt, inspired by that rousing picture of the TV A-Team:

(Note to future designers: Drawing on a ribbed, highly stretchy fabric with a fabric marker is none too easy. Every curved letter is actually composed of lots of little dots. So if you get stuck in the same situation, dot away...)


Lia said...

you, my friend, are pretty adorable :-)

Madeline said...

oops, that was me, not mom :-P

Ily said...

No, YOU...