Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Music is My Girlfriend

The Slumberland podcast has yet again introduced me to one of my new favorite bands. I don't know how they do it! This band is called Let's Wrestle, and they have a song called "Music is My Girlfriend". This is a concept I can really relate to, as I often think of music as my significant other. (But don't worry guys/ladies-- the more the merrier!) I even remember the general date when we became "serious"-- around Labor Day of 2002. I'd always loved music, but this was the time when I realized that I could discover music beyond what was on the radio. Again, I'm attempting to add more lyrics to the internet canon. I made a valiant effort at translating drawling British boys; luckily it's a very short song:

Music is my Girlfriend
by Let's Wrestle

It's not cool to be nice
So I won't be nice
It's not cool to be modest
So I wont be modest.
It's not cool to like Leo Sayer
So I won't listen to Leo Sayer
Music is my girlfriend (3x)
And I would do anything for her.
Sometimes I think that I'm trying too hard
But why would I be trying too hard?
I am never trying too hard (?)
I don't even need to try.
Music is my girlfriend (3x)
And I would do anything for her.
Music is my girlfriend (3x)
And I would do anything for her.

This is the band's Myspace, and this is the label site with a painfully short sample of the song. "I Won't Lie to You" is also the jam.

There's definitely a precedent for love songs about music, especially in hip-hop. I mean damn, "I used to love H.E.R.?" I can't even count the number of times that song has been referenced in other places, and I think most folks who have ever been in love with hip-hop can quote some portions of it. I'm trying to think of a woman who has performed a romantic/personal ode to music, and I can't. Can you?


The Impossible K said...

Wow- when I read the title of this post I almost tripped out- there's a song I just heard that has the lines "Music is my boyfriend" that I was tempted to write about... It's by a band from Brazil called CSS. The song is called "Music is my hot, hot sex" - it's a riot to listen to!
Here's the link:
CSS - Music is my hot, hot sex.

Ily said...

I'd heard of that song, but never actually heard it...awesome! Thanks!

Charlie Blockhead said...

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Lia said...

How about "Love of My Life" by Erykah Badu? You told me about that one ;-)