Monday, August 4, 2008

Touching You, Appropriately

Go here to watch the latest installment of Shortland Street. In it, Gerald tells us that he wasn't abused, he's happy being himself, and that it's tough noogies if you don't like it. Rage on, my man! He vehemently tells his parents something like, "I'm not the only one! There's hordes of us!", and that just made me smile. (It's so bizarre how something you know well yourself becomes revalotory when you hear someone else saying it.) What a great thing for the younguns to hear, right?

Also, I finally set up the August meetup. I feel bad that it's so late. I decided that because of the delay, I would try to get over the (self-imposed) pressure to create a novel activity, and just meet at the 3 Dollar Bill like we've done in the past a few times. They have the world's most amazing french toast, so really, how wrong could you go? It'll be August 16, Saturday, at 4pm. However, you get two meetups for the price of one; September's is going to be on the 6th (or 7th?) It will definitely be one of those.


Kim said...

I'm not sure if you've read this, but it's a totally awesome book.

Covering by Kenji Yoshino

It includes the fight for equality by gay/lesbians, ethnic minorities, and women. Because the author teaches law, he uses cases to back his arguments. The last chapter is about how we can better continue the fight for equality and universal human rights.

adiaphora87 said...

this last episode gave me the shivers. while i admire him for standing up to his parents about his asexuality, i'm still struggling with the fact he labeled their lifestyle as pornographic and bordering on abusive. as an artist i recognize some of the parents ways of expression as beautiful, but i don't really agree with the emphasis they put on it as a necessity in life for a healthy relationship. i've been having this discussion with an older friend of mine who keeps trying to convince me i'm missing out one of the greatest pleasures on earth. he says that by having an "unhealthy" lack of drive for sex at my age i am sacrificing myself and when i'm older will regret it terribly. i keep trying to tell him i don't see it as a bad thing that i don't have sex and that i'm living a perfectly content life not having to think about where i'm going to score next or having to rely on someone else to make myself happy. granted i know i'm youngish and my sexuality/asexuality is still being explored, but i'm disappointed when i voice my lack of drive for sex and it's met with such disdain and negativity. no, i don't want you to take me home to show me how amazing it can be. sex obviously has it's good points or else so much of the world wouldn't take it as a given.. heck, i even hang out with friends at a hip local sex store and color naked angels on occasion..


i was distracted by a call on the telephone so i forgot exactly where i was going to go from there, but in the end i guess i just want people to realize asexuality is a legitimate way of life. and people will warm up to the idea eventually. slowly, but surely. one voice at a time.

Cap'n Cosmo said...

Thank you so much for linking this series. Especially because I feel like "The Asexual Horde" would be a *rocking* name :D

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willendork said...

wow. awesome. I think it's really cool the way that they developed this storyline, not only deciding not to give him a history of abuse, but also to explore the way that people's insistence that the only "explanation" or "cause" is sexual abuse.

and I still can't believe I just heard the word "asexual" on television. I am so moving to New Zealand.

Evie said...

I'm really excited about the meetup. I will definitely try to be there, especially since you said you were bringing Apples to Apples!

Sasha said...

*lol*, we could be like the Golden Horde, sweeping across the steppe, raping and pillaging ... well, maybe just pillaging.