Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Governator Voice: "I'll Be Back!"

It's always hard to break disappointing news. But the truth is, AVEN's not going to SF Pride this year. Or, more accurately, I'M not bringing AVEN to SF Pride this year. True, I was psyched like a hyperactive kid in a ball pit, but it was just not going to work. Here are some reasons why:
  • It would have been much more expensive than my original projection. We'd have to rent the "booth structure" as well as the space, and booth structures do not come cheap.
  • It would have been ludicrous to attempt to do this by myself, but I wasn't confident that I could find enough willing and able people to assist me.
  • I have some health issues that are making it hard for me to commit to such a huge project right now. Don't worry; I'm on the mend, but it would probably be best for me to take it easier for a while (I say easier because I never "take it easy", but one does one's best).
Seeing as I've never even been to SF Pride, I'll scope it out this year. Also, I'm taking a class on publicity this semester. Okay, it's publicity of the music business, but PR is PR. I think this will really help me with not only my music biz work, but my AVEN work as well. Basically, my ability to pull of things like AVEN booths will only increase in the coming years. Until then...pamphlets!

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