Friday, March 8, 2013

Best of the Beast

Out of 620 posts, how to determine "the best"?  Well, either they were popular...or unpopular, but I liked them a lot anyway, or they seemed especially educational or representative of this blog's worldview.  I've put the posts into categories, starting with:

What the heck was I trying to achieve with this blog?

The Intro Post and What Army!

On, what else, asexuality:

Could I Be Asexual?  (My most-viewed post by a long shot, due to the search terms)
Asexuals Are Awesome! *Hides*
Carnival of Aces roundup post: Race
Virginity: No Excuses
Sympathy for the Hermits: Asexuality and being 'asocial'
Ily and the Add-Ons: Dealing with negative reactions to coming out
I Love a Charade:  Party games I have hated...
Among other things, asexuals like overanalyzing and teetotaling.
In Praise of Confusion
What is Asexual Pride?
The Times of Harvey Milk: Featuring coming-out tips for the 21st century
On love (all kinds!) and romance:

Dancing to Vaguely Depressing Music: How to show love for oneself?
What is romance, anyway?
Genuis Loci: For the love of places
Ahoy, [Soul]Matey!
On community:

A few notable events: World Pride!  Our first entry in the San Francisco pride parade, one of our following years there, and the day I reached my meetup goal.

My series on community:  What it is, what gets in the way, how we're doing, and what Claude Monet has to do with it all.

On relationships of all sorts:

The Web of Mystery: Platonic Attraction
Cougars and Gift Sex
BFFs: Susan and Elizabeth (the suffragists!)
The term "in a relationship"

Or, more specifically, on the single life:

Tips for Traveling Alone
Loneliness: Alternate Narrative
How to be Alone: Reviews [of activities you can do by yourself]
Eternal Hope and the Long-Term Single Life

On various forms of media:

Like books (Intercourse, Marrying Anita, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Feminine Mystique), movies (Brideshead Revisited, Maurice, The Sheik, Withnail and I), TV (Entourage) and music (indiepop!).

On queerness:

Why I'm Queer
The Start of a Bicurious Friendship
Gayness Thrust Upon Them: On the book Surpassing the Love of Men

On body image:

Asexy-Ugly and the Hobbit Acceptance Project

And more generally, on our culture:

The language we use to describe sexual coming-of-age events
The "minority report" of philosophy
How I avoided peer pressure (most of the time)
Subcultures of One...thanks to the internet
I just noticed that the 4th most popular search term for this blog is "Alan Rickman Shirtless".  I don't know who you are, but I hope you find what you're looking for.

Love, *ily

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Best Friend

Since I said I'd keep you updated on my other projects, I can't resist posting this song I wrote on some asexual themes.  While some of my songs are total autobiography, this is more of a compilation of different people's stories that I've heard over the years.  I will take full ownership of "eternal bachelor problems", though.

"Best of" post is still crawling towards completion...