Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scott Baio is 45...and Single

Tv, VH1, 2007

VH1 again. I watched the first episode of "Scott Baio" when I had the flu...and to my surprise, when I regained my mental faculties...I kept watching.
This one's about Scott Baio, ex-TV star of "Charles in Charge". Now he's 45 and apparently has cheated on all of the innumerable women he's been with. He's finally found one woman he wants to spend his life with, but his personality seems to be getting in the way. So he hires a life coach to help him change his outlook on relationships. The life coach prescribes 8 weeks with no contact with his girlfriend and-- gasp-- celibacy.
And it's kind of funny. There's something awkwardly sweet in Scott's complete cluelessness and frequent embarrassments. Scott's therapy for commitment-phobia is to stop substituting sex for intimacy-- in other words, to get in touch with his asexual side. The fact that for once, a professional isn't advocating more (or to a larger degree, different) sex is refreshing. Hey Scott; you could learn from us!

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