Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sound of Silence

Classes with massive amounts of reading; I feel too old for this. I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about John Hammond this week, but I've only gotten through about 5 pages of Exotica. However, in those 5, I did find a relevant quote from someone I never thought I'd be writing about: Burt Bacharach. He says:

"I could never make love to music because I'm not into the woman, I'm into, wait, what did that saxophone play in the sixth bar? Oh man, Jesus, that was not good!"

Wow Burt, I think that would totally be me. But I ask the question: Without music, how would you know when to start having sex? Aren't the suddenly-appearing, velvety tones of Barry White usually the best indicator of what's to come? I wouldn't know what's going on without the soundtrack. But for flying by his own internal compass, Burt is apparently an adventurous guy.

So, my goals...they still don't exist yet. Should I try to get us a steady meeting place? Aim for a certain number of participants? Start up office hours?
I need to remember to start small.
These are as much community goals as personal ones, so suggestions would actually be appreciated. Anyone?

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