Sunday, October 28, 2007

Get your radio face on

KPFA, a public radio station in Berkeley, has a weekly program on womens' issues. They want to do a special report on sexuality, including asexuality. I think I'll be helping them out in some regard, so I'll keep you posted, and of course, provide links when they become available. It'll be fun to be back on the radio without having to explain why "Take On Me" is an oldie.

Also, we had a SF meetup tonight! In addition to myself, two other fab A-Teamers congregated at Los Jarritos. I thought this was a pretty fine meetup location: not too busy on a Sunday night, slow service, affordable and decent food, and a fun (although not overly loud) atmosphere. In fact, I asked the waiter where their retro chairs came from.
He didn't know, but did tell me to call Dolores.
We talked at length about the infamous AVEN pamphlets. Planning a 3-D project in an online world is very hard to do. We brainstormed some different options for what we could give out to LGBT centers. Perhaps some "unofficial" SF/AVEN pamphlets will be in our future...

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