Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Girls on Film

Today was my big film interview, and I got to talk about lots of things that I've written about on this blog! Like Sherlock Holmes, Dexter, Withnail & I, and Sex & the City. The film-makers seemed interested in the pop culture angle too, which was really cool. They also asked me some hard questions, like this one:
"So, what are your goals for this community in the next year?"
I was glad they asked that, because it made me realize that, hey...I have no clearly articulated goals for this project. As a good, longtime Girl Scout, I can't believe I neglected to do this. In fact, I think the ghost of Juliette Lowe is going, "Girl, what were you thinking?"
Juliette, I have no idea. I should get on those goals, ASAP.
As Thoreau said, "In the end, we only hit what we aim at."


feline_thespian said...

Ah...who needs goals?

Umm...actually...I do. *sigh*

BTW - long time lurker, tyvm. I guess I just...decided to comment! Hi!

Ily said...

Hi there! And TYVM = thank you very much?
Gotta love Urbandictionary.com

feline_thespian said...

Lol, yeah, it means thank you very much. I don't think it's used very commonly...I may have just made it up, specifically for my comment. :-O