Sunday, October 7, 2007

Goals, Check 'Em!

You know, it wasn't very logical of me to think, "Hey, we're not getting very many people at events, so let's have more events!" Sometimes, the logical-to-a-fault side of my brain wants to hit the other side with a tennis racket.
So I think my goal will be: Get 10 people at a meetup.
Something about that makes me cringe a little; maybe it's the idea of referring to people as numbers. "Hey you, asexual #7, get over here!" But even though I'm terrible at names (AND faces, God does have a sense of humor), I don't think 10 people is really enough to start de-humanizing them.
And if we get four more, we can have a football team! But we'd have to play offense and defense. Which would probably make me die. Maybe we'll just have a picnic.

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