Friday, February 1, 2008

Clay Aiken, Asexy Man?

I don't know what attracts so many people to Clay Aiken. But apparently, he might not know what attracts people to him either. Not only has Clay Aiken been bearing a startling resemblance to Donald Trump lately, but rumors are circulating that he may be asexual. An article from ABC News is here:
Celibate Star Too Tired or Just Asexual?
It ain't perfect, but it actually posits that some "real" asexuals exist, which is progress.
To Clay, I say: Make it official! Come to the A-side; as always, we have cake!
And another thing: While researching this post, I discovered that Clay Aiken fans are called "Claymates". Also, Clay's fan club has an official lip balm with Clay's face on the package. No matter how silly that is, I fully support the existence of an asexual heart-throb, even if the reason why he throbs hearts is still unclear to me.
I also tried to find a photo of Clay that didn't look ridiculous in some way. I failed. Unpop your collar, boy, and then we can have cake.
Friends: Who, besides Trump, is Clay looking like lately? It's somebody, but I can't put a finger on who it is, and it's driving me crazy!


Anonymous said...

Martin Short?

Anonymous said...

I Know the Clay "Trump" look was a result of the meds he was on, but he hasn't looked like that for a while, since he stopped taking them.

these pics are from last week but he changes his look so often you never know what he'll look like.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Many people think he and Zac Efron look a lot alike. And I've seen hundreds of good pictures of Mr. Aiken but then I suppose it's all just a matter of personal taste.

Ily said...

Hi Anon, I couldn't in good conscience show your last comment, as I felt your description of Clay's "endowments" would have given us all-- sexual and asexual alike-- nightmares and/or potentially disturbing mental images. But, I hope you'll stick around, as you'll find out why being asexy is high praise indeed!

Lia said...

This may sound crazy, but I just saw a picture of Clay in Spamalot, and he reminded me if Gene Wilder in the old Willie Wonka movie....for what it's worth ;-)

maymay said...

I…kind of like the popped collar look on him.

Sorry, I'll slink away back to the lustful place from whence I came now. :)

Chus said...

This is what I think: Clay Aiken