Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Famous-ish A-s-- Bradford Cox

Has anyone heard of the band Deerhunter? I haven't. Remember when every new band had "wolf" in the name? Well, I hope this isn't about to happen with deer as well. Anyway, its frontperson, Bradford Cox, is asexual, hey hey! I was able to find quite a few articles where he mentions this. In Creative Loafing, Bradford is quoted:

Visuals like these [naked young men on album art] have led some music fans to assume Cox is gay. But he prefers to call himself asexual, saying he doesn't pursue romantic relationships with anyone, male or female. For him, growing older means learning to live alone, not settling down with a life partner and starting a family.

"Twenty-five is the age where, like, certain people would be settling down with a wife, having kids, getting a mortgage and stuff," he says. "And that's not where I'm at. It's never where I'm going to be. So I have to find my own way to be stable and ward off things like loneliness, poverty and feelings of uselessness."

Dude, I hear you on that. He seems like a very unique persona. It's too bad that most of the people who interviewed him seem to see his sexuality as just another of his unusual behaviors (ie, appearing on stage in a dress and fake blood). Hopefully that's residual frustration for having to write about yet another up-and-coming indierock band. See how I always presume the best about people? Strange...
Anyway, have some cake, Bradford...Get famous and stay asexy!

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