Sunday, February 24, 2008

A New Look for the Old A-Team?

Just got home after a very successful meetup. Sure, just one other person came, but we had a great conversation about the creation of a San Francisco "chapter" of AVEN. Rather than just having meetups, we're hoping to do activities of a more organized nature. If all goes as planned, these will be interesting and fulfilling and exciting to people. Since I had a rocky sorority experience in college, I was initially very freaked out about the prospect of taking on yet another chapter. But, there will be no officers, no rushing of people, no improvements to our "image", no other groups competing for members. And best yet: No one can disband your sexual orientation. No one! Ever! Ha ha ha!

But I think I can now say that I'm finally excited about having a more multifaceted AVEN chapter, and we'll be able to do really wonderful things with everyone's different ideas and talents. We even have a first project to collaborate on-- pamphlet distribution. (C'mon guys, it'll be fun!) My first task towards creating this new supergroup is talking to the local folks and finding out what activities they're interested in doing. Ah, I've missed being part of a chapter...! This kind of has to work...right? Cheap beer for everyone!


DJ Danjerous said...

Yeah! It was great to hang out! I just talked w/ Eric, he's down too!

Ily said...

Yay! I'll be asking you what he wants to I said, I'm compiling the info :-)