Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stop: It's Pamphlet Time!

AVEN pamphlets are here in cyberspace, and will soon be here in the real world as well. You can see the color version here and the grayscale version here. They're free for anyone to print. Sadly, my cat seems to have mauled my home printer to death, so I'm buckling down and trying to get some copies professionally printed for San Francisco. Then, the plan is to give them out to anywhere and anyone where informational resources congregate.
There are at least 72,000 A-s in the Bay Area alone, and I'm willing to venture a guess that 90% of them have no idea that there's anyone else like them out there. Maybe if one of them sees a pamphlet that says, "NOT EVERYONE IS INTERESTED IN SEX" on the front, they will see that they're not alone (And when they tell friends and family about asexuality, they'll have some literature to show!).
If you find this prospect exciting (and that opener makes me feel like I'm about to ask you to wire money to a bank account in Somalia), you can really help it come together by donating money here. I need $400 to professionally print the pamphlets so they're all nice and shiny and awesome. The Lord may provide, but s/he hasn't been seen on our ChipIn page yet, so it's really up to us for now. As far as I know, this will be the first ever printing of asexual informational literature. So get in on history and show the pamphlets love. And by love, I mean money. :-)

Well, that was awkward. I hate asking people for money. But around here, we try to own the awkward. So, come back soon for a post about dating...


Anonymous said...

Yay! pamphlets!! I think it's great that people will be able to learn more about asexuality. I also wish I could donate money...but right now my entire net worth is about $ unfortunately I cannot...maybe when I get a job though :-P
You rock asexy beast!
keep on keepin on

Lia said...

Congratulations on the pamphlet! I think it's a great introduction for people and certainly a good way to reach more people who are asexual. So, I am definitely showing love to the nice, shiny pamphlets ;-)
I feel like part of history!

Ily said...

Thanks so much for donating Lia! You're part of history, indeed. Your donation hasn't shown up on the page yet (I got an e-mail), but hopefully it'll show up soon.
And thanks for the nice comment, maddiegs. I *will* keep on keeping on...indefinitely! :-)

icarus said...

i linked to you on Quench! congrats - this is excited!

Ily said...

Thanks so much, Icarus! I hope you have some wealthy readers who will see it! :-)