Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meetup Madness!

It's the time of year for eating and buying too much, but there is never such a thing as too many AVEN meetups. Due to unbridgeable scheduling conflicts, I actually held two meetups this week-- one yesterday and one today. And because there were two, I felt like I would be within my rights to have them in my own neighborhood. And to that, BOOYAH.
We went to Crepevine on Wednesday, and had a cozy group of 4 people. I even received an official SF Meetups trivia game. Tonight, we went to You See Sushi (not to be confused with We Be Sushi), and even though there were only two of us, I was glad to get the chance to have a one-on-one conversation. Add the numbers together, and you get six attendees (so I'm counting two people as four; this is community-building, not mathematics). We hold steady.


Lia said...

I totally agree- there's no such thing as too many meetups! Keep up the great work!

icarus said...

heyy -
are you on facebook? i feel that perhaps you joined the MTPC facebook challenge?


Ily said...

Icarus: I haven't joined, but now I feel badly that I didn't-- interesting psychology you have.
:-) Anyhoo, *joins*, but I already gave all my money to Pretty Bird Woman House. :-)
Lia: Thank you!