Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silly Model

Rosie is attempting to devour displaying the new "Asexuals do it on AVEN" wristband. I know, wristbands are cheezy. But, asexy wristbands? Totally not cheezy. If I could do so without a) going broke or b) having a huge repository of wristbands in my living room, I would make them in bulk and attempt to sell them to you at a discount. But for the time being, we're just going to have to get coordinated one-offs. I got mine from Wristbands Now, which can make individual wristbands to your specifications. Here's a close-up:

As you can tell, the text is very hard to see. The color I chose was "purple swirl", which looks a lot like funkadelic AVEN purple on the website. However, as you can also tell, it's actually more white than purple. Oh well. One of these babies will set you back $7.50 (including shipping), which seems exorbitant for a wristband. But I was able to convince myself that it was actually very affordable, considering it's a custom-made item. That's shopping online for you.
Anyway, a few people from AVEN are ordering these. As you can probably guess, we all live in different cities, so a wristbands-unite photo doesn't seem likely. But if you're in San Francisco and see someone wearing the wristband pictured above, it's probably me. Say hi; I'm friendlier than I look.

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