Thursday, December 27, 2007

Questionable Content?

Thanks again to Mary for pointing this out. I always like to see the word "asexual" appear somewhere, although you'll have to wait until the last frame. Apologies for part of the image being cut off-- click on it and magnify to see the whole thing:

If I was offended by this, it would probably make for a much better post. But alas, I am not. You're looking at the web comic Questionable Content. By its very nature as a comic strip, it's not something most people are going to take seriously-- or look at for information on sexuality. Also, it implies that asexuality exists in some form, which is usually the hardest part of our battle. Sure, the strip implies that you can suddenly become asexual, which we all know isn't true. However, it's correct in stating that asexuality implies a lack of sexual desire, and it doesn't seem to be saying that there's anything wrong with being asexual. "I am officially asexual, and being part of that bizarre, pervy lot has scarred me for life"-- now that would offend me. So folks, what do you think; questionable, or not so much?


Mary said...

Well, this is a webcomic that features sentient robot computers and a woman with OCD who was raised on a space station.

Anonymous said...

And its portrayals of those are pretty accurate, from what I know of OCD, sentient robot computers, and life on space stations.

(I actually stopped reading it a while ago because I realized how boring and repetitive it was, but as far as webcomics go, yeah, it's not terrible.)

Lapel Pins said...

These are awesome! Never seen these before and I love it. Ill have to find more of these online. Thanks for the heads up.