Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brand New Bag! Yow!

Well, the SF community is getting a new concept-- "fun", cotton candy n' bowling Meetups every month, and Office Hours every week. Every week seems like an awful lot, but I get the feeling that if they're bi or tri-weekly, no one will be able to remember when they are-- and I'm including myself in that group. Since I'm no longer a student (which is a ridiculous thing to think, since I actually AM a student...I'm just in denial), it seems a bit odd to be hanging out in a coffee shop so much. I mean, if no one shows up, what am I supposed to do? But the 3DB does have you do the math.
I'm modeling this after what the Vancouver folks are doing right now. Re-inventing the wheel sucks, so hurrah! for finally not having to.


icarus said...

we've put up a link to your blog (check the right-hand side)! hope to hear more from you on Quench soon!

Ily said...

Yay! You saw my link to you guys, right?

icarus said...

yes, i did. awesome!