Friday, September 7, 2007

Do Not Want: The Asexual Revolution Gets Organized

(from Bitch magazine, article by KL Pereira, 2007)

I mentioned this article awhile ago, and it finally has hit newsstands! As you can imagine, I was super-excited when I picked up my copy today. And lo and behold, I found a very good intro for people who actually want to think intelligently about the topic. I'm glad that KL recognized the revolutionary potential that asexuality has, and that she was critical of the "looook at the freeeeaks!" finger-waggling present on Montel and other TV shows. I only found one point to be a bit of a reach: The idea that asexuality is controversial, in large part, because the "sex sells" mandate doesn't apply to us. But even if a company did try to market towards our 1%, I don't think it would be difficult. We may not want sex, but we still want love, security, money, power, and all those other lovely things promised by advertisers. I would venture that asexuality is controversial for a simple and familiar reason- that it subverts heteronormality. Although that might be another article altogether.
And my spell-check thinks heteronormality is not a word. Go figure.
Of course, I love that KL covered asexuality's brief forays into pop culture. She even mentioned Boston marriages! And I really enjoyed that she ended with this idea:

While exploring new kinds of rich and complex partnerships, perhaps we would realize just how valid all these types of intimacy are, not because they are pointed towards a specific orientation or sexual act, but because they are diverse expressions of human emotions that we all feel. Relating to the world and the people around you as individuals with unique emotional and physical needs? Now that's a revolution we should all get behind.

*Pumps fist*
Even I learned a thing or some sharks are asexual! Well hey now, and I thought sharks were cool anyway. Asexual sharks are just TOO cool.

And I've got to say, I was really pleasantly surprised by Bitch. I grumbled at the price of $5.95- much more expensive than most magazines. But then I figured out, hey: it's worth it, because it's a lot better that most magazines. Even though my eyes are not thanking me for the tiny print that is not double-spaced, it was packed with interesting information. And in a time when it seems like a lot of people have forgotten what feminism is (hi, women are equal, kthxbai), Bitch is holding it down, and even having a bit of fun doing it.
I highly recommend it.


YiQi C. said...

I found your entry thru a bit of googling. The searching it self was prompted by a couple of entries on Aven and the LJ asexuality community.

"Heteronormativity" isn't a word either, according to Mozilla spell check.

Speaking of which, I'm really excited to read this article. A lot of feminist minded scholars I know either don't know much about asexuality as a movement or a concept applicable to humans, which I find a bit unfortunate.

Asexuality trumps misogyny more effectively than a woman who's always on top (embracing her sexual appetites). Showing no interest in the most primordial of human behaviors (second only to violence for self-preservation) hits the patriarchy where it hurts the most.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you can copy the article and then email it to me? I wasn't able to get that issue, and I really really want to read that article. Please let me know at


Jash said...


I know its been a few years but if you still have that bitch magazine can you let me know if you could please email that article to me. I am a uni student writing a play concerning the asexual revolution. I have tried to search for it on the net with no luck. Thankyou. :)