Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September Gurls

No need to adjust your screen, it really is "Gurls". And I have to admit, I'm not the first person to confess my love for "September Gurls" . I think it was an essay by Michael Chabon that first alerted me to the perfection of these lyrics, from the aforementioned song by Big Star:

I loved you. Well, never mind.

It's simplicity incarnate. I can't possibly explain the line any better than it explains itself.
While some people's romantic adventures could write novels, it is, on some level, comforting to know that mine can be encapsulated by one line of a 2 minute, 49 second song.
About every five years or so, I'll be attracted to someone. I relish the excitement and the sense of social normalcy that it brings me. But for fairly obvious reasons, it never lasts very long-- on average, maybe about a week. Longest? Maybe about two months. Shortest? About two seconds. Like many other unnamed victims, I am just one more casualty of the "Ohmigosh! Who do YOU have a crush on?" girls. I was always a little jealous of the girls with crushes. Yes, they haunt me still. My indifference towards cute boys was extrapolated into indifference towards girly bonding rituals, and perhaps the entire human race. I would wish that someday soon, I could find someone attractive again, if only to remember what everyone else was so enthusiastic about.
Usually, it never happened.
But when inserted into jaunty power-pop, maybe the way I've felt is fine after all. Put "September Gurls" on loop (it's short), and suddenly, never minding never sounded so good.


icarus said...


thanks for stopping by Quench! i just read a bunch of your posts and thought they were really interesting. i'm gonna see if we can get a link to you up on the Quench blog - and feel free to link back to us, too! ;-)

Ily said...

Yay for mutual appreciation! :-)

vineetgupta said...

Nice post. I just happened to hear this song for the first time a few days back. This line hit me like a sack of bricks - and I just had to know if it affected anyone else the same way.

Ily said...

Thanks, I'm glad you stopped by!