Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SWF Seeks Decent Human Beings

I've been on one date. 3, if you count sorority functions. 2, if you count sorority functions + dates that were actually available. None of these were great experiences, and my most successful of these dates was with the non-available guy-- he gave me a really good idea for a term paper.
It's pretty lame that managing to avoid the convoluted hole of doom that is dating (seriously- who LIKES dating?) is something to be embarrassed about. I don't feel embarrassed, but a tad bit silly, now that's another story. I often feel a tad bit silly.
But look at this! It's a dating site for A-s! I helped write some of the blurbs, but that is not why I feel compelled to tell you that a dating site for A-s is a very cool idea. I'm not entirely sure what asexuals would do on a date, but one day I would like to find out. Although I'm curretly the only person on the site from the entire US West Coast, so I have a feeling I won't be beating them away with a stick anytime too soon.
Look at this this way-- Jews are about 2-3% of the US population, and a good number of us want/expect to have relationships with/marry one another (Except for me, because I want to celebrate as many holidays as humanly possible). I mean, check out J-Date, which seems to be doing a rip-roaring business. One thing that helps Jews find other Jews to date is that we tend to congregate in certain areas-- New York City and environs, the SF Bay, and coming in for third, Florida.
C'mon everybody, we're moving to Florida! Beach partayyy!

Well, it's a thought.

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