Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Much-Threatened Meetup, Debriefed

I had a feeling my threat would work, and it did: we got 4 people tonight!
(And I really like the 3 Dollar Bill Cafe...affordable food/drinks, Christmas lights, and large groups of gay men discussing books- what's not to like?)
I really feel like I need to entertain people at meetups, which I usually fail at, so I hope that people were sufficiently entertained by whatever conversation went on. But anyway, I was psyched to see everyone and to break out my "A-Team" sign again. Thanks to the cool folks that braved the wind to come hang out.
Sometimes (okay, a lot) I think back to my last community-building experience. It didn't end very well, bringing cold hard realizations and a slight loss of general hope that has sort of stayed with me ever since. My logical mind knows that you can't disband a sexual orientation. Whether or not we find a way to convene, the A-Team has always been here, and is here to stay. But even when our community sees glimpses of growth, another part of me (oh! my heart!) seems to think something akin to this: always finds that one is oneself, that there is a unity in life, and that everything leads back, whatever one does, to a specific constellation of things which one tends to reproduce, under various forms, an unlimited number of times.
--Michael Leiris, Manhood, 1946 (found in the absolutely gorgeous Exotica by David Toop)

Oy. Let's keep proving ourselves wrong, A-teamers and friends.

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