Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Center of Attention

Our SF community-building continues! Kinda.
This week, I'm planning on scoping out "THE CENTER", aka the SF GLBT (that's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) Center, although it actually just calls itself "THE CENTER". I want to check out the place and find some corner where we can meet. I'm trying to figure out a balance of the two kinds of things I want to do: On one hand, meetups where we just shoot the breeze and do random stuff are fun, and I think people that are already involved like those better. On the other hand, "office hours"-type meetings, where we try to get organized and educate new people, are important too. Since we only meet biweekly, it seems hard to do both. It's kind of confusing to this organizer.
But anyway, I like the idea of being stationed at The Center. I really admire what GLBT people have, to a certain extent, been able to do for themselves. As up-and-comers in a similar search for validity, I think basking in the GLBT aura might be helpful for the A-Team. People used to whisper the word homosexual! in hushed tones, and now we watch The L Word. I think this took about 30 years. So when I realize that only one or two people might be coming to the next A-Team gathering, should I start seeing our small turnout as the beginning of a very long timeline? As a co-worker used to tell me, "don't trip off that". Hrumph.

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